Rental Policy

Bounce For Fun Rental Policy

Choosing your equipment: Bounce For Fun rents all equipment on a first come first serve basis. Receipt of a quote is NOT a guarantee of equipment. We require a credit card on file in order to book your request. Equipment cannot be held without this.

Final contact: We generally contact you within 2 days of your event to confirm details. At this time we’ll confirm final payment, method of payment, space requirements, delivery times, etc. We’ll also discuss any issues of weather if it looks questionable.

Weather Policy: We do not charge any cancellation fees if you or we need to cancel due to inclement weather. Weather cancellations can only be done within one day of the event. You must contact us at: 214-274-6789 or 469-633-1500 at least 4 hours prior to the start of your event to cancel due to weather. Once your equipment is en route to your address, no cancellations are accepted and no concessions or refunds are issued. Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to: rain, lightning, winds in excess of 15 mph, temperatures below 40 degrees. Bounce For Fun has the right to make the final decision on questionable weather.

Delivery & Pick up: Backyard parties are delivered during a 2-hour window before and after your event. Corporate deliveries and Park site locations are generally delivered during the hour before your event. We strive to ALWAYS have units set up 30 min before the start of an event. Since our drives are setting up at different locations during the day, it’s very important that the person responsible at the event be there on time to meet the driver for safety and set up instructions. One late customer in the morning can cause tremendous stress for everyone else.

Please note: Drivers do not go up and down stairs/hills etc… Set up location should be easily accessible from the delivery truck.

Power requirements: Customer is responsible for power. Bounce For Fun is NOT liable for problems due to power issues. Generally we need (1) 20-amp circuit for EACH blower. NOTE: Other items can’t be plugged into the same circuit. We furnish (1) 80′ extension cord. Unit needs to be placed within 80′ of power source.

Set up: We’ll need someone at the event to show us where to set up. We’ll find out before set up if you’re event is on grass, concrete, etc. If your home has a sprinkler system, you will be responsible for letting our staff know where it is to avoid any damage. Bounce For Fun is not liable for any damage done to your sprinkler system. Inflatable’s can ONLY be operated safely if they are well secured. We bring stakes or sandbags depending on where the units are sitting. If you make last minute changes, please let us know (especially grass to cement) in order that we’ll have the proper tie down equipment. Also … drivers are required to pick up final payment at set up unless you’ve made arrangements to charge a credit card the previous business day. Failure to make this payment could result in your event being delayed or stopped.

Attendants: If Bounce For Fun is not supplying your attendants you will need adult attendants to arrive early enough for a safety briefing. Accidents on equipment generally come from two things…. too many participants on a unit and a unit not kept secured. Attendants should monitor amount of children/adults and make sure they’re acting responsibility. They also should periodically check equipment for secureness to ground.

Damages: Customer is responsible for all damages to unit and any cleaning charges due to misuse (food, gum, rocks, etc). Someone should be with the unit until time of pick up to avoid any problems. A flat rate of $1,000 is applied if any silly string is found on the unit. Silly string causes irreversible damage to any inflatable.

Early shut down: If event is shut down early, please call the phone number on your paperwork or 214-274-6789 to arrange early pick up. There are no refunds due to early pick up for any reason. In case of rain or winds, please shut down unit until they pass & put blower in a covered area. If storm passes quickly you can re-inflate unit. Make sure to completely dry the unit as they’re very slippery when wet.

Cancellation Policy: We allow our customers the option to cancel their reservation up to three days prior to their event for any equipment owned by Bounce For Fun. However, please note that there is a $25 cancellation fee that applies. Any cancellations (not weather related) that are within 2 days of the reservation will be charged the full rate. Please note that all cancellations MUST BE IN WRITING and sent to: “NO SHOWS” are considered same day cancellations and are charged the full amount of the reservation.

Any outsourced services such as Entertainers, Animal Farms, Pony Rides, Food Vendors etc.. are subject to full payment on cancellation regardless of when we receive your cancellation.